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Cats and Kittens

Advice for your curious cats

If you’re living with cats or kittens, you’re not alone. Ireland is a nation of cat lovers, they’re one of our most popular pets, often living well into their teenage years. Here you’ll find our experienced advice on the basics of their care.

‚ÄčWhether your cat is old or young, we’re here to help you share a healthy and happy life with your enigmatic feline friend!

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Dental care for cats

Although our cats do not demonstrate dental pain like we do, there’s no doubt that they do get toothache

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Flea control for cats

Fleas are not simply a source of annoyance. Some people and animals suffer allergic reactions to flea saliva resulting in rashes

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Microchipping your cat

We often read stories in the press of cats that have strayed miles from home only to be eventually reunited with their owners thanks to their microchip

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Neutering your cat

Unless you want to breed from your cat, neutering is the answer

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Vaccinating your Cat

Prevention is better than cure, we recommend that kittens are given their initial course of vaccinations from eight weeks of age

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Worm Control in Cats

Regular worming should be part of your cat’s healthcare routine

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