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Dogs and Puppies

Advice for your loyal canine companions

Dogs are our most popular pet in Ireland and it’s not hard to understand why. Dog ownership brings unconditional love and loyalty into your home but it also brings a huge amount of commitment and responsibility. Dogs need daily exercise, somewhere sheltered to sleep, a balanced diet, regular veterinary care and training.

On these pages, you’ll find some basic advice about caring for your dog or puppy based on some of our most frequently asked questions. Find out more about vaccinations, flea control, worming treatment, Kennel Cough, neutering, microchipping, dental care, nutrition and weight control. Remember: There is no substitute for direct professional advice, so if you are concerned about your dog or puppy, please contact us.

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Dental Care for Dogs

Dogs can develop dental problems at any age and many over six years of age have some degree of dental disease

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Neutering your dog

Unless you want to breed from your dog, neutering is the answer

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Flea Control in Dogs

An adult flea will lay up to 50 eggs per day, about 2,000 in her lifetime

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Kennel Cough

More formally known by vets as Infectious Tracheo-Bronchitis

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Microchipping your Dog

It is very difficult to reunite a lost dog with its owner. Microchipping is a simple method of permanent identification

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Vaccinating your Dog

There is still no treatment for most viruses that affect dogs today. We believe that ‘prevention is better than cure’

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Weight Watching for Dogs

Obesity is more of a problem in dogs than cats. Obesity leads to many health problems in our pets

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Worm Control in Dogs

Pets are easily at risk of attracting different worms, they can pick them up in a number of ways

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Dog Nutrition Advice

The needs of your dog will change throughout its life and different species and breeds may require different diets

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